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With DotList, your iPhone becomes your ultimate organizer. Turn the clutter of notes and tasks into streamlined lists, ideal for professionals, parents, students, and anyone craving order.


Features include:

• Unified List Hub: Manage work tasks, groceries, movies, and more in one place.

• Easy Arranging: Drag and drop to sort tasks effortlessly.

• Task Prioritization: Pin essential tasks up top.

• Flexible Sorting: Sort by status or alphabetically.

• Quick Edits: Update and undo list changes with a tap.

• Customize: Rename, reorder, add or delete lists.

• Dual Themes: Switch between light and dark mode.

• Share Lists: Via text or email for collaborative planning.


Achieve simplicity in the midst of life's chaos. Download DotList now for instant, on-the-go organization.

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